Legality of Cannabis by country(part 1)

In the following article we will take a look at countries where that sweet sweet weed is legal in one way or another, less frowned upon or decriminalized.


I don’t see any reason not to jump to the first country and work our way through the list.


Antigua and Barbuda (ever heard of this place? Me neither) is a sovereign island country in the West Indies

in the Americas, lying between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. And is it worth Your visit, an adventurous stoner/ medical cannabis patient? 

The answer is yes – it might be, even though Cannabis remains illegal, it was decriminalized in 2018 and any person is allowed to possess up to 15 grams of Cannabis without commiting an offence (sales remain illegal). 

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Argentina  so this South American country is okay – more or less – recreational weed is decriminalized in very small amounts. Medical Cannabis is supposed to be legal since 2017, but the situation is very much different from what one would imagine under that term. What is legalized is basically just oil and its derivates (and we are NOT talking high THC oil here at all).

Nevertheless, Argentina is a beautiful big country, that is full of great people and has a great Cannabis community that includes some very talented growers.


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Australia, well never been there, but recreational cannabis is supposed to be decriminalized in the following places:  Northern Territory and South Australia and legal in Australian Capital Territory for personal use but not for sale. 

Medical Cannabis is supposed to be legal at federal level and in all territories (legal for commercial grow ops, mind You), although I do not have much information on how the industry is really standing, and if there are any companies besides the one that fabricates the drug Savitex.

The upside-down peeps sure do have a few interesting political parties related to Cannabis, if You’re into that, we might cover this in an article on its own.


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Austria – this small German speaking country has decriminalized possession for personal use as of 2016. CBD is practically free to sell, even full spectrum (only up to 0.03% THC).


As for high THC Cannabis – it is legal for scientific and medical purposes – and it must be quite a bureaucratic nightmare to actually get a prescription. 

Long story short, if You speak some German or meet the right people, You might actually be able to blaze on Your trip.


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Bangladesh Cannabis and its sales have been illegal since 1989, but the law isn’t  being enforced very often. Since 2017, enforcement has become harsh on marijuana laws and the government has been cracking down on cannabis.


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Okay, dear reader, I am glad  that You made it all the way here, we’ll be back soon with a new bundle of countries.


Mr. Verde