Everything you need to know about the dosage of the amount of CBD and how CBD works.

Each of us is unique, thanks to genetics, biochemistry, body structure, age, weight, lifestyle, environment and many other factors, every human organism is unique. Therefore, the appropriate dose of CBD may vary from case to case. Finding the right dose is a very individual process, so there is no one way that suits everyone.

Before we get to dosing, it’s important to understand how CBD works. Briefly, cells of the human body contain CB1 and CB2 receptors. Our bodies even produce their own cannabinoids, also called endocannabinoids. Many health problems can be caused by a lack of endocannabinoids in our system. By using CBD, we activate these receptors and enable our body to improve its health.

It is important to understand that CBD is unlikely to take effect immediately after first use. Depending on the condition and level of tolerance of the patient’s body, it can sometimes last only 1 – 3 days, and sometimes even 2 – 4 weeks. Therefore, be patient and you can safely increase the dose if necessary.

Start with a low dose, 10-20 mg daily:

If you do not feel any changes after 5 days, we recommend increasing the dose slowly, every 2-3 days and only by 5-10 mg. If your condition is more severe, it is prudent to start with higher doses.
For people with mild to moderate symptoms, a dose of 10-20 mg CBD per day should be sufficient to experience the desired effects and results over time.
Although the body responds well to high doses and tolerates them, remember that less is more. CBD can be quite expensive, so why spend more when it’s not necessary? Therefore, we say, be patient.
Important tips:

Be careful to take CBD every day.
Be patient, don’t expect results right away. Give it time, someone needs 2-4 weeks to really notice the results.
CBD stays in your body for 6-8 hours, so it is better to take it at least twice a day.
List of some cases:

Mild cases: preventive use, immune support, nausea, acne, regeneration.

Moderate cases: chronic pain, sleep disturbance, anxiety, migraines, Crohn’s disease.

Serious cases: arthritis, epilepsy, symptoms of multiple sclerosis, Huntington’s disease.

Very serious cases: schizophrenia, oncological problems.

How many mg of CBD does one drop of our oil contain?

l CBD oil = approx. 250 drops. This means that:
10% oil / 1000mg / 10 ml – 1000/250 = 4mg in one drop
20% oil / 2000mg / 10 ml – 2000/250 = 8 mg in one drop
30% oil / 3000mg / 10 ml – 3000/250 = 12 mg in one drop

Not all information contained herein is intended as information from or as an alternative to physicians. Consult a competent physician before using any CBD product. This is especially true for people who have certain health problems and have decided to use CBD as a solution or alternative to ongoing treatment. This is the best way to make sure that the CBD or other supplements you are taking do not interfere with the medications you are taking.
Two-phase effect:

The word two-phase simply means “two phases”. Cannabinoids have so-called biphasic properties, meaning that the effects do not necessarily improve with increasing dose. Higher doses may actually produce opposite, not very effective, effects, but this does not mean that you will experience negative side effects that are very unlikely to be achieved. In short, lower doses of CBD tend to stimulate the body much more effectively than higher doses.
So find your “golden point”.

If you reach a point where CBD stops working, either halve your dose or take a break for 5-7 days. Then start taking CBD again.
While it’s not as simple as saying, “take two pills and call me in the morning,” learning how to properly dose the amount of CBD to take may not be rocket science. Mastering a few basic tips can simplify the process of determining the correct dosage of CBD.

CBD Dosage Summary:

We are all different.
Find the dose that is right for you. Start with a small dose and increase it slowly.
Try taking CBD at bedtime.
Be consistent (take CBD every day).
If necessary, take a “tolerance break”.
We are all different

Each of us is unique. Thanks to body structure, biochemistry, weight, genetic predispositions, lifestyle, the environment in which we live and many other factors, we are all very different. Similarly, the dosage of CBD may be different for each person. Finding the right amount of CBD is a personal and individual process and therefore there is no “one size fits all” dosage.


You must also consider:

How your system responds to CBD.
Your goals and reason for using CBD.
Type of CBD product (vape, oil, flower) and its quality.
How can you find the right dose for you?

Start with a small dose and increase it slowly

Example of estimating the ideal CB Ddose for mild problems.

Day 1-3: 10 mg
Day 4-5: 15mg (if you feel the effects, more than 10mg)
Day 6: 20 mg (if you feel the effects, more than 15 mg)
Day 7: 20mg
Day 8-9: 25 mg (if you feel the effects, more than 20 mg)
Day 10: 25 mg (if you feel the effects, but a little less than day 8)
Day 11: 20 mg (return to the most effective dose)

Try taking CBD at bedtime.

If you have trouble sleeping, the best time to try a suitable dose of CBD is probably about 30-60 minutes before bedtime, as you can see how much it affects your body. Make sure how well the CBD performs its function above all, thanks to whether you feel relaxed, sleepy and after waking up, notice what the quality of your sleep was.

Be consistent (take CBD every day, after determining the appropriate daily dose, divide this dose so that you take CBD twice a day).

It is very important that you use CBD systematically and consistently every day, so that your body is always supplemented with the necessary amount of cannabinoids, for the best results. At the same time, cannabinoids positively affect your EKS (endocannabinoid system), the functions of CB1 and CB2 receptors and thus help maintain homeostasis in your body.

Keep a diary

Some people have found that keeping a diary is very helpful in finding the best optimal daily dose of CBD because they can better notice the changes and how they feel. Just very brief remarks are enough.

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